What We Do

Key activities Abu Dhabi Insurance Brokers will perform on your behalf:

  • Gather key information to understand the nature of your business and identify the various probabilities of risks that might affect your business.
  • Advise you by introducing plans and procedures to eliminate some risks and to reduce others.
  • Prepare suitable insurance coverage based on the risk assessments.
  • Review your existing insurance contracts to reevaluate and amend as needed, based on your insurance needs.
  • Contact insurance providers to obtain several insurance quotations for the proposed coverage.
  • Review the quotations and prepare a comparison sheet that will allow you to make an informed decision.
  • Place insurance with your chosen provider, and review final offers to ensure they match your requirements.
  • Advise on claims.
  • Follow up on claims settlement and recovery; this would even apply for claims on existing policies that started before Abu Dhabi Insurance Brokers LLC appointment as your broker.
  • Assist with administrative tasks, such as dealing with paperwork, correspondence, and keeping detailed records, and keep track of your policy renewal dates, etc.
  • Risk management measures to minimize the probability of losses.