Value Proposition

As an independent broker with insurance industry experience and knowledge spanning over two decades, Abu Dhabi Insurance Brokers LLC will provide you with unparalleled service and key benefits such as:

  1. Significant product knowledge: We are insurance industry experts with extensive hands-on experience and significant knowledge in a fast-changing marketplace. We continuously assess market trends and developments to ensure that we offer relevant, reliable, and effective insurance solutions.

  2. Pricing awareness: We perform continuous assessments of pricing trends in the insurance industry by closely monitoring offerings by key players in the market through our significant in-house expertise, extensive industry contacts, market intelligence, and focused research. We can proactively determine whether circumstances around your company’s specific needs are likely to lead to significant pricing changes from year to year.

  3. Independence: We are independent; we work with multiple insurers on your behalf. As your insurance and risk advisors, we are in a position to offer you numerous options with variations in coverage, service levels, and pricing, all in consideration of your specific needs.

  4. Dispute resolution: Occasionally difficulties may arise when claiming insurance benefits; as your insurance partner we will endeavor to expedite your claims and come to a satisfactory resolution of any potential dispute.

  5. Regular reviews of your coverage: The insurance market changes constantly with innovative products, changes in coverage, and adjustments in benefits. We will perform regular reviews of your insurance portfolio to ensure coverage optimization at all times.

  6. Affordability: We are determined to offer you great value for money. Our customized personal service ensures that your insurance products and coverage will be designed with your budget considerations and overall cost-effectiveness in mind.